Thomas Pierce

Thomas Pierce as spent most of his life moving from location to location across the US as well as parts of Germany. A natural born dual citizen to a German Mother and an American Father, Thomas used this constant change of scenery as an advantage to fuel his imagination.

Spending most of his time dwelling deep within his mind, he created entire fantasy worlds. Between playing various RPG games as well as reading non-stop, Pierce fed new ideas into these worlds until one day, he decided to make it all more tangible and put pen to paper.

In high school, Thomas spent much of his time designing a post apocalyptic table-top game where the players were survivors of the Christian apocalypse. Caught in a war between two celestial armies, the players had to attempt to survive the wasteland the world had become as both sides fought for control of regions across the globe. With the game designed, Thomas created a party of his friends and set them about to explore the world as it was fleshed out through their explorations.

Following this, and using experience from his gaming side, Thomas set forth to create an RPG game. While keeping the appearance of old-school pixelated RPGs, he wanted something unique to play. Something that would have a darker twist to the environment than most mainstream games offered. This idea was scrapped however, since Thomas had the coding experience to get started, but quickly hit a wall when it came to the more artistic sides of the project.

Because of his lack of drawing capabilties and too many projects going on to focus on learning it, Thomas Pierce used the one artistic tool he had honed over the years to create over a new medium. With the brush of imagination, he set out to write his first book: A simple short story to share with friends. Following this, Thomas wrote a few more short stories full of twists and darkness; each one enjoyed by all that read them. Using the encouragement from these smaller projects, Pierce went on to publish his first full length dark fantasy novel: Spirits Unleashed.

With Spirits Unleashed released, the creativity continued to flow and the world unfolded in Thomas' mind. Plans for three more books in a series were planned; the second of which is currently being written.

Thomas Pierce hopes to pull readers in with these stories; engrossing them in the worlds he has spent his whole life dreaming up. Worlds molded by twists and terrors, where fantasy rules above all and rules of the world are bent and broken. While each book dips into various genres such as high fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction, one thing remains to tie them all together.

The shadowy tendrils and unknown horrors that prod at the edges of everyones minds. The world isn't perfect, and heroes don't always win.